Kim (Khalida) Bech (DE/BE)

Organiser/Instructor - Movement Preparation and Bellydance

Khalida/Kim is a multi-award winning performer and international instructor, born in Belgium, living in Germany. She is an experienced workshop teacher who deeply enjoys collaborating with artists from different fields.

She is sought out internationally for her oriental dance instruction and stage performances as well as for infusing her classes and shows with experience from other movement disciplines, ranging from classical Ballet to Body mechanics, Performance theory and (Korean) Martial Arts.

Students and colleagues describe her as a gifted and generous teacher, and an engaging performer with a deep love for the art.

Her aim is to share her passion for movement, to support good causes through her work, and to help promote artists she admires.

At the moment she offers coaching for dancers, online instructional videos/DVDs, workshops for different levels and performances.

Since 2019 she is also a member of Dance4Children, a Belgian nonprofit team that supports good causes for children via dance and movement related events and initiatives.

Hostess /organiser of the MoveSpiration weekend, as well as teacher for Movement Preparation and Bellydance technique.


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