Khalida Bech

Organiser - Movement Preparation and Bellydance

Khalida is a multi-award winning professional belly dance performer and instructor, born in Belgium and living in Germany.


Known for her musicality, originality, presence and technique, she has quickly become a sought-after performer and instructor at international events. Students, sponsors and colleagues alike describe her as a gifted and generous teacher, and an engaging performer with a passion for the art.


In recent years, she has been successfully featured as a guest instructor/performer at international belly dance festivals in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Canada, and the US (Hawaii). She is also an experienced judge and BD competition coach.


At the moment she offers coaching for dancers, instructional videos/DVDs, workshops for different levels and performances. Her aim is to share her passion for movement, martial arts and dance, and to help promote artists she admires.


During the MoveSpiration 2018 weekend she will be teaching Movement Preparation and Bellydance Technique classes.