Lianna Greene (UK)

Lianna Greene is an established teacher and Fusion Bellydancer based in East Sussex with 16 years experience.

She discovered belly dance at a local class offering Turkish and Iranian style where she quickly excelled and fuelled her need to learn by committing to continually expand and develop her dance.

She was then spotted by Hossam and Serena Ramzy at a dance festival and was instantly invited to audition to train with them.

Lianna then became one of the first graduates from their Drumzy school of music and dance and For many years was also a principle dancer within the Ramzy Dance Company.

As a musician with a Diploma in Contemporary music and Grade VIII Classical Piano, it was no surprise that she also became a member of the Drummaqueens as Dohola player; performing as a resident Drummer at Club Baklava and even performing at the World renowned Drum Camp!

However, Lianna always felt a draw towards Tribal Fusion and began to embrace this as she continued on her journey.

In 2016 she became a regular Dancer with Team Darkstar performing in London WIth Dark Fusion Dancer Darkstar in Goth clubs and with live bands.

Lianna began teaching 11 years ago and this has expanded dramatically over the past 2 years where she now runs intensives in Brighton and Eastbourne, 2 levels of Fusion Based Bellydance classes and a troupe, whilst also organising The Egyptian Nights theatre shows and local Haflas around East Sussex.

Lianna utilises her musical background to assist in choreographies encompassing many dance styles that she continues to train in including Street Dance and Contemporary whilst still utilising her original training in Oriental.

She is well known locally in East Sussex for her unique contemporary Fusion Style, mentoring students of all levels including advanced Dancers, Troupe leaders and local teachers within her Dance School: Il Nana Bellydance.


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