Master Seung-Eun Chae (Kor/DE)

Guest Teacher - TaeKwonDo

About Master Seung-Eun Chae

8. Dan Taekwondo, 4. Dan Haidong Gumdo®

  • Taekwondo Instructor since 1985
  • Achievements: Korean Mittelschulmeister 1970 and 1971 Korean Police Chief 1976 Has instructed over 100 Dan- (black belt) and Poom (coloured belt) students Two-times Bronze medal winner at Haidong Gumdo World Championships 2006 in Korea
  • Instructor at Taekwon-Do Club Koryo Stolberg e.V. Taekwon-Do Club Han Kook Jülich e.V. Owner/founder of Sportschule Chae and Taekwon-Do Highlight Eschweiler e.V.

Master Chae has been Khalida‘s TaeKwonDo teacher since 2016, he has taught TaeKwonDo and Haidong Gumdo initiation workshops for dancers as a guest instructor at the first edition of MOVESPIRATION in Würselen, DE in 2017.

During the MoveSpiration 2018 weekend Master Seung-Eun Chae will be teaching TaeKwonDo classes on Saturday and Sunday.