Constanze Janssen (DE)

Guest Teacher - Classical Ballet
Constanze Janssen began her ballet studies at the ballet school Renoldi and the children’s ballet at the Aachen Stadttheater. In 1977 she was motivated by the ballet master Peter Schnitzler to make the entrance examination for Bühnentanz at the Rhineland University of Music in Cologne.
In 1980, she received a scholarship to the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hanover. Here she completed her final examinations in 1983. In the same year she moved to Paris to join Bruce Merrill at the Center de Danse du Marais in Paris. There she also worked as a teacher under his name. Constanze Janssen danced at the Staatsoper in Hannover, at the Aachen Stadttheater, at the Wuppertaler stages at the Stadttheater in Freiburg and at the Modern Dance Company Ici in Paris in various productions, among others. in The Nutcracker; Coppelia; The Phoenix; Gymnopedie; The Wildschütz; The bat; My Fair Lady; Candide and West Side Story. Her teachers and choreographers were Leonie Renoldi, Peter Schnitzler, Peter Sardoç, Alan Howard, Gundel Eplinius, Franz Ziegler, Dieter Klos, José Limon, Bruce Merrill, Lothar Höfgen, Sèrge Manguette, Joanna Jankowska, Hans Pop, Dick O’Swanborn and José de Udaeta.
In 1994, she founded Pas de Chat in Montecchio nell’Emilia, Italy. There she choreographed every year for the Summer Estates Festival. During this summer festival, Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker was performed under her direction and direction. In 2003 an invitation of this ballet evening followed at the theater Multisala900 in Cavriago, Italy.
In September 2002 Constanze Janssen moved to Germany to teach at the ballet school Tosca Dancing School in Memmingen, the ballet studio Gerda Buck in Mindelheim and at the First Stage Club in Augsburg. At the end of 2003 Leonie Renoldi asked her to return to the roots of her dance track to take over the management of the ballet school Renoldi in Aachen. Since 2008 she has worked regularly with Vladimir Gelvan and Sara Reddig in Berlin.
Constanze has been Khalida’s ballet teacher since 2007, and she has taught ballet workshops for bellydancers as a guest instructor at Khalida’s ‘BOOTCAMP’ event in 2012, as well as during the ‘DANCE INTENSIVE’ weekend in 2014 and the first edition of MoveSpiration in Würselen, DE in 2017.
During the MoveSpiration 2019 weekend she will be teaching Classical Ballet and Floorbarre

GrandMaster Chae, Seung-Eun (Kor/DE)

Guest Teacher - TaeKwonDo

About GrandMaster Chae, Seung-Eun

8. Dan Taekwondo, 5. Dan Haidong Gumdo®

  • Taekwondo Instructor since 1985
  • Achievements:
  • koreanischer Mittelschulmeister 1970 und 1971 im Taekwondo koreanischer Polizeimeister 1976 im Taekwondo 2x Bronze at Haidong Gumdo World Championship 2006 1x Gold & 1x Bronze at Haidong Gumdo World Championships 2010 1x Silber at Haidong Gumdo World Championships 2012
  • Owner/founder of Sportschule Chae instructor at several sports schools and martial arts clubs

Master Chae has been Khalida‘s TaeKwonDo teacher since 2016, he has taught TaeKwonDo and Haidong Gumdo initiation workshops for dancers as a guest instructor at the first edition of MOVESPIRATION in Würselen, DE in 2017.

During the MoveSpiration 2019 weekend Master Seung-Eun Chae will be teaching TaeKwonDo classes on Saturday and Sunday.



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Lianna Greene (UK)

Lianna Greene is an established teacher and Fusion Bellydancer based in East Sussex with 16 years experience.

She discovered belly dance at a local class offering Turkish and Iranian style where she quickly excelled and fuelled her need to learn by committing to continually expand and develop her dance.

She was then spotted by Hossam and Serena Ramzy at a dance festival and was instantly invited to audition to train with them.

Lianna then became one of the first graduates from their Drumzy school of music and dance and For many years was also a principle dancer within the Ramzy Dance Company.

As a musician with a Diploma in Contemporary music and Grade VIII Classical Piano, it was no surprise that she also became a member of the Drummaqueens as Dohola player; performing as a resident Drummer at Club Baklava and even performing at the World renowned Drum Camp!

However, Lianna always felt a draw towards Tribal Fusion and began to embrace this as she continued on her journey.

In 2016 she became a regular Dancer with Team Darkstar performing in London WIth Dark Fusion Dancer Darkstar in Goth clubs and with live bands.

Lianna began teaching 11 years ago and this has expanded dramatically over the past 2 years where she now runs intensives in Brighton and Eastbourne, 2 levels of Fusion Based Bellydance classes and a troupe, whilst also organising The Egyptian Nights theatre shows and local Haflas around East Sussex.

Lianna utilises her musical background to assist in choreographies encompassing many dance styles that she continues to train in including Street Dance and Contemporary whilst still utilising her original training in Oriental.

She is well known locally in East Sussex for her unique contemporary Fusion Style, mentoring students of all levels including advanced Dancers, Troupe leaders and local teachers within her Dance School: Il Nana Bellydance.


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Chandra (NL/Indonesia)

Guest teacher - Qi Gong/Taiji

Chandra (the Moon)

Sandra Van Frankfoort-Mamentu/Chandra was Born in South Celebes, Indonesia. She grew up in the Netherlands.

She is a professional bellydancer/instructor who loves to teach children and adults. In 2006 Chandra started taking Bellydance classes just for fun and because she felt inspired watching the beauty of professional bellydance performances and the art of Middle Eastern Dance. In February 2011 she completed Yamila’s 3,5 year training for Professional performers/teachers of Middle Eastern Dance in NL.

Throughout the years, she attended classes with professional instructors from the Netherlands and abroad, complementing with additional private coaching sessions by Khalida (DE), Queenie (BE), Bozenka (GR), Shujana (NL), Anasma (FR) and Rubina (NL).

She also attended several intensive dance weekends to deepen her dance studies even further.

Chandra’s dance experience goes beyond Middle Eastern dance. In the past she has passionately studied the following styles:

  • Ballroom and latin
  • Streetdance
  • Hiphop
  • Salsa

She loves combining elements of these styles and her dance background with Bellydance to create beautiful Fusion!

In addition Chandra has started studying several Martial Arts Styles since 2015:

  • Taiji Yang Style (Ancient Martial Art) (in 2008 she did the Chen style)
  • QiGong Ba Duan Jin (Health Exercise)

Chandra has taught introductory classes in Taiji and Qigong during the first MoveSpiration weekends in 2017 and 2018, and she will be our guest teacher as well for a combined Taiji/Qigong class at MoveSpiration 2019



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Ingunn Lyngstad (NO)

Guest Teacher - Yoga

Ingunn Lyngstad is a Norwegian Belly Dancer and yoga instructor from “the end of the world”. She has been dancing Belly Dance since 2007, and has been running her own dance studio since 2009.

Ingunn took a yoga teacher training in 2011 and has taught yoga at her studio and in Summers Schools since then. Ingunn is a Hatha yoga trained teacher. Hatha yoga is on of the big classical branches of yoga, and emphasizes physical exercises to master the body along with mind.

She has been a much-loved guest teacher on Anna Barners yearly træningslejr/summer dance camp (2012-2014) and will teach there again in summer 2018. She has also been a featured guest teacher at the UK JWAAD Summer School 2013-2015.

During the MoveSpiration 2018 weekend Ingunn taught 2 beautiful Hatha Yoga classes

In MoveSpiration 2019 she will be teaching a class on Footwork – A foundation for every movement art.



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Kim (Khalida) Bech (DE/BE)

Organiser - Movement Preparation and Bellydance

Khalida is a multi-award winning performer and international instructor, born in Belgium, living in Germany. She is an experienced workshop teacher who deeply enjoys collaborating with artists from different fields.

She is sought out internationally for her oriental dance instruction and stage performances as well as for infusing her classes and shows with experience from other movement disciplines, ranging from Classical Ballet to body mechanics, performance theory and Martial Arts.

Known for her musicality, originality and stage presence, she has quickly become a sought-after performer and instructor at international events. Students describe her as a gifted and generous teacher, and an engaging performer with a passion for the art.

In recent years, she has been successfully featured as a guest instructor/performer at international belly dance festivals in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Canada, and the US (Hawaii). She is also an experienced judge and BD competition coach.

At the moment she offers (online and live) coaching for dancers, instructional videos/DVDs, workshops for different levels and performances. She is also a member of Dance4Children, a Belgian nonprofit team that supports good causes for children via dance and movement related events and initiatives.

Hostess /organiser of the MoveSpiration weekend, as well as teacher for the Movement Preparation and Bellydance Technique classes of the 2019 MSP edition.


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