Qi Gong and Taiji'Quan with Chandra

Lesson Highlights


  • Qi: life energy
  • Gong: form of movement, excercise method

Has been practised in China for over 1,000 years as a daily form of health exercise. Nowadays people all over the world practise this movement art. It consists of:

  • Moving the body in SLOW GENTLE MOVEMENTS
  • In coordination with DEEPLY INHALING and SLOWLY EXHALING
  • Often using VISUALISATION
  • Promoting HEALTH and wellness benefits

Taiji (Tai Chi)

  • An ancient Martial art in China,
  • A form of moving QiGong, to improve balance + hand and leg coordination.

There are many different Taiji Forms, like form 24: consisting of 24 combi-moves, form 40: 40 combi -moves, forms with fan, with sword, with cane, etc.. Chandra practises Taiji Form 10, 24, 40, Fan, and has recently started studying Sword Taiji 42 Jian and Taiji Form 42.

By practicing QiGong or Taiji, your life energy (Qi) will start flowing more freely throughout your body, re-balancing you in every sense.

During the MoveSpiration Weekend this will be applied in the form of a gentle warmup class taught by Chandra on Saturday and Sunday morning.