Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet with Constanze Janssen
Lesson Highlights Constanze’s classical ballet classes are taught in accordance with the guidelines of the Vaganova Method. The Method, developed by Agrippina Vaganova in the 1920s, fuses elements of traditional French style from the romantic era with the athleticism and virtuosity of Italian technique. The training system is designed to involve the whole body in […]
  • Friday 12:00-13:30
    Saturday 11:00-12:30
    Sunday 11:00-12:30

Movement Preparation

Movement Preparation with Khalida
Lesson Highlights Khalida will share her latest movement insights, as well as posture, alignment and warmup tips, plus personalised recovery and pre-warmup strategies for dancers of all levels. Some of the topics covered in the previous edition of MoveSpiration are: Relaxation strategies and breathing techniques Alignment and balance exercises A short and simple self-lympfe-drainage routine […]
  • Friday 10:00-11:45
    Saturday 10:30-10:45
    Sunday 10:30-10:45


TaeKwonDo with Master Seung-Eun Chae
Lesson Highlights The name Tae Kwon Do is composed of three Korean words: Tae – means jump, kick and hit with the feet. This word represents the leg techniques used. Kwon – The fist. Hand techniques like bumping with the fist, hitting with the hand edge, etc. Do – The Way. This stands for the […]
  • Saturday 14:15-15:45
    Sunday 14:15-15:45

Woodland Walk

Walking in Eschweiler Wald with Khalida
A guided woodland walk in Eschweiler Wald (Khalida’s favourite place to be) will be part of the Friday MoveSpiration schedule. The forest is about 20 minutes driving from the Studio. We will arrange carpool options for those who need a ride from the venue to the woods and back. See the album below for a […]
  • Friday 16:30-17:30